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Disha Gandhi

Mindscape Painting 9 Disha Gandhi

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Sattva symbolises goodness, constructive and harmonious nature. ( visually represented with white square )
Rajas symbolises passion, activity and confusion. (visually represented with red triangle)
Tamas symbolises darkness, destruction and inertia. (visually represented with black circle)

While each and every block or part of us have the potential to be in its satvic state, impatience, passion, ignorance and confusion, etc always take over in various proportions and forms MINDSCAPE.
3 modes of nature Sattva, rajas & tamas
Combined in different proportions creates MINDSCAPE.
MINDSCAPE s having geometrical representation creates strong vibrations and positive energy in the surroundings with the help of the specific colour schemes of white, grey, black, and various shades of reds.